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Revival is


We believe revival will sweep the state of WV and our nation, and our response to this is to develop and mobilize effective teams that will assist wherever  the Lord is strirring revival .  We see the need for a community that lives in expectation of the Lord's movement, and that responds to the leading of the Spirit.  We find it a joy to unify the ones who are already seeking awakening.

To give leadership to this movement, we see it as wisdom to develop these Revival Response teams by:


  1. Coming together on a regular basis at regional gatherings.

  2. Being accountable to local churches and the leaders in our regions.

  3. Being trained and equipped to respond effectively ​


Message us below, for more information on how to be part of the Revival Response Team.


We are training these teams to move forward with healed hearts and equipped to minister in power.



Let us know if you would be interested in joining the Response Team.

Success! Message received.

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