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My experience with Freedom Encounter was just that, a fresh encounter with freedom.  As a teenager, I experienced a trauma that became part of my identity.  As I look back at my life, I see how it affected every area of my life. The way I reacted to certain things and the limitations I put on myself.  I had times throughout the years where God was able to take a layer of the hurt and pain off, but it still lingered deep within.

At the Freedom Encounter, I was once again confronted with this. It was very private; no one knew what I was dealing with; no one came to me; no one asked me about it. It was just me and Holy Spirit. I didn’t even realize that it was still there, but in this anointed, sweet atmosphere, I was able to open my heart to healing, forgiveness, and letting go.  

I believe that from this moment on, it is no longer part of my identity. The hurt and shame are gone, and I walk freely today.




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I attended a Freedom Encounter on June 1 at Petersburg First Baptist Church. My expectation was to get a few steps closer to discovering freedom.  The leader of Freedom Encounter, Pastor Jay Morgan, is very passionate about what he is teaching and truly desires to see God’s sons and daughters free and living in their Christ-like identity.  I received detailed study materials about how to discover freedom, which I am now studying to further my understanding.  The last portion of the Freedom Encounter is a time of repenting, prayer, and worship.  It is in the presence of God, where we are deeply changed and transformed. I experienced God’s presence.  If you have a desire to draw closer to the heart of Christ, attend a Freedom Encounter.  God is asking His sons and daughters to draw closer.  Come near to God, and He will come near to you – James 4:8


Attending the WV Prayer Alliance Freedom Encounter reminded me again that God loves us so much that He does not want any of us enslaved in sin and He has made a way of escape from that sin through the Blood of Jesus, the teaching of Scriptural truth and the power of the Holy Spirit. The day is designed to encourage you to take a personal inventory of your life and thinking, honestly accessing where you are in relationship with God and others. For some the prayer and ministry time afterwards will bring the deliverance and breakthrough they need to move forward in their relationship with God the Father; for others, it is the beginning of an honest dialog with themselves about real confession and repentance. I’m excited about the discipleship workbooks and can already see how I could use this material with a small group study. Thank you again, Jay and Lisa, for accepting the commission from the Holy Spirit to do the hard work of the ministry, it will not be in vain. You are raising up like-minded servant/leaders in your travels for a season ahead that Jesus himself taught us to pray for. ABBA, Father May Your Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven!


I am a Christian Counselor, and I was so excited to participate in a Freedom Encounter.  Christ comes to set the captives free, but as individuals, we often do not realize that we are captive to our own personal choices of behaviors, beliefs, worldly influences, and weaknesses.  Freedom Encounter provides a safe place to be truthful with ourselves about ourselves and enter into God’s Freedom.  God tells us in John 8:32 that the Truth will set us free, and Freedom Encounter provides the environment to Face Truth and Embrace Freedom.   Freedom Encounter is a powerful tool that I will be using in my Counseling work. 


Upcoming Events

  • The Holy Spirit Workshop with Jay Morgan
    The Holy Spirit Workshop with Jay Morgan
    Sat, May 04
    Love and Life Fellowship
    May 04, 2024, 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
    Love and Life Fellowship, 328 Williams River Rd, Cowen, WV 26206, USA
    Join us for an empowering workshop with Jay Morgan where we delve deep into understanding the Person, Power, and Work of the Holy Spirit! Expect to both learn about and experience the power of the Holy Spirit! THE EVENT IS FREE BUT REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY! RSVP BELOW!
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