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We are establishing a headquarters for the West Virginia Prayer Alliance in our state Capitol City of Charleston, WV. In addition to office and meeting space, this headquarters  will be a creative, interactive, sacred space of prayer for the city of Charleston and the state of WV.. 


We have connected ministries, prayer leaders, and intercessors from around the state for six years and we are all excited for the next phase of this mission to be fulfilled.


This headquarter will serve as:


  • An Engine to fuel the prayer and revival movement

  • A Sanctuary for anyone—saved, lost, politician, atheist, addicted, missionary—to find refuge from the weariness of the world, most hours of the day. 

  • An Incubator to develop and launch new ministers into every harvest field.


To contribute to this vision and partner with us in making this vision a reality, click the giving button below. 

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