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The West Virginia Prayer Alliance has gathered in agreement, confirming a word from Sherry, an intercessor from Kentucky, which describes the Eagle Warriors of West Virginia rising out of their hibernation and taking to the skies. See the original word below.


We believe that there are at least 100 Eagle Warriors across the state - intercessors who carry great power but who needs empowered to once again take their place in the sky. We believe these Eagles will mentor and provide aerial support to at least 1,000 Ground Warriors - younger revivalists who need equipped for their harvest fields. 

We are committed to finding these Ground Warriors and connecting them with our Eagle Warriors. We are committed to seeking out the Eagles and empowering them to Awaken from their slumber, Arise from the debris which covers them, and Soar into the Heavenlies, taking command of the sky and dwelling high in the Spirit to provide spiritual covering over the coming Revival.

A word below from Becky Keener, a WV Prayer Alliance Regional Coordinator, also comes into alignment with this vision. She describes the position we should encourage and empower these Eagles to take as well as the mission field that will be charged by the Ground Warriors that they are supporting.


  • Are mature in the faith (typically over 50)

  • Are intercessors who can discern/see the will of God

  • Have a heart for revival/spiritual awakening

  • Are Kingdom-minded-

  • See city-wide or regionally. Not just isolated to their own church or ministry


  • Are typically typically under 40

  • Have a burning desire to do something for God

  • Have a heart to see revival/spiritual awakening

  • Are not all pulpit evangelists. Many will minister to their workplace, occupation field, school, family or to specific needs.



"I woke one morning recently seeing the Eagles in those mountains of WV.....I could not see what they were doing ....this morning before feet hit the floor ....I stopped, did not rise from my bed, just had to sit....unable to move for fear of what I was seeing , I would interrupt and not be able to watch what was unfolding in my spirits eye....


the great eagles were under debris .....such as leaves, branches, etc....they began to rise up out of the ground....massive they "came up from under" ALL that had covered them easily fell off, fell to the side....


this is what I heard one proclaim loudly.! For too long we have hid , lying under the weight of what has oppressed our people in WV...waiting....waiting to grow in the strength of our Father, waiting to grow in the strength of the intercessors of our land ....their words have fed us ! Their words have nourished us as we lay almost as in a hybernation state....


many dared to wonder if we had left, abandoned them, but this will never happen....the time is NOW! Now we will rise up from beneath the weight....and we will take back our mountains entirely. ...we will take flight and take back what the prince of the air has tried to withhold....


when we are seen we will be seen for what we ARE....the great Eagles that fight along side the angels of the Lord..... 


I see a document with a great seal upon it ....this is the DEED TO YOUR LAND ! Inside the mouth of a massive Eagle ! ) your land is being "returned" to you , ....


I must stop there for now ....although I am unsure why....I have heard "your eye can go no farther at this time....there is a great Reverence in the air ...that can be felt in my home....thank You Father....."

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