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WV Church 55 Strong in Prayer


September 29, 2018, 12:30pm 

WV State Capitol Steps

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Whether you agree with their cause or not, there is no denying that WV captured the attention of the nation and the world as teachers, from every county, stood together in unity.  Unity is a powerful statement.  Unity commands attention. Unity shapes history.  


We believe that it is time for the church of WV to come together, united 55 counties strong, to ask God to heal our land.


A little background:  On September 27, 28 and 29, 2018, Awaken the Dawn will be mobilizing night and day, prayer and worship in every state capital city and on hundreds of college campuses across America  (For more information, click here).  Awaken the Dawn-WV will have a tent that will host nonstop worship on our State Capitol building grounds from Thursday, September 27 to Saturday, September 29.

For more information on this, click here).


On Saturday, September 29, at 12:30pm, this time of day and night, prayer and worship will culminate in a unified prayer gathering, on our State Capitol steps, that will involve Jesus’ Church from every county of our state.  

Walls of Division will Come Down

 We believe that is event can be a “Jericho moment” for the WV church.  As we gather united in humility to pray, we expect walls to fall.  

  • Race will not separate us.  WV Christians of every race and ethnicity will gather.

  • Denomination or doctrinal persuasion will not separate us. Protestants, Catholics, Charismatics, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Calvinists, Arminians ​ and others will all gather. 

  • Political parties will not separate us. Democratic Christians, Republican Christians, Libertarian Christians, Independent Christians and other political persuasions will all gather.

  • Economic class will not separate us. Upper class, middle class, lower class (and no class) will gather.

  • Age will not separate us.  Christians from every age will gather.  We intentionally desire to honor the older generations and empower the younger generations through this event.


We believe that the severity of the issues in our state and nation necessitates the church setting aside our differences for the unifying causes of prayer and humility. We will focus on the exaltation of Jesus and the principles on which we agree. 



Unifying Principles

The Lordship of Jesus.  We desire to see Jesus’ worth proclaimed to our state and world. We believe there is no other name in Heaven or Earth by which man can be saved (Acts 4:12).  

The Authority of Scripture.  We believe Scripture should direct our belief and practice.  We share a desire to pursue the righteousness of God as outlined in Scripture. Turning from our wicked ways is a mandate given to us by God (2 Chronicles 7:14). 

Humility.  We will gather in humility before God asking Him to heal our land. But we will also gather in humility toward our brothers and sisters—preferring others over ourselves (Philippians 2:3).   We will seek unity through humility. 

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Desired Outcomes 

Unity:  As already mentioned, unity is a powerful statement.   Unity commands attention. Unity shapes history.  God blesses unity in His Church.  Many of us have been diligent to seek unity within the Body of Christ in our immediate communities.  This gathering will build upon that as we seek unity across the entire state of WV, as Jesus’ Church from all 55 counties, gathers in one spot to pray.   

A Testament to the World:  We believe that an intentional, unified effort, by the West Virginia Church from all 55 counties, gathered at one place to pray and exalt Jesus,  can be a powerful testimony to an unbelieving world around us.  Jesus prayed that His church would be one so that the world would know who He is (John 17:23). We believe that something spiritually significant happens when Jesus’ Church sets aside its differences for His glory. 

Relationships: We recognize that an event alone will not bring unity to the body of Christ in WV.  However, we expect that the relationships formed leading up to, during, and following this gathering will be the foundation for ongoing unity in the Church across the state of WV.  We believe that new, ongoing city, county and regional initiatives can be cultivated and existing efforts can be nurtured through this prayer gathering. 

Statewide Spiritual Awakening: We believe that revival—the sovereign move of God in a community—comes as a direct response to prayer.  We believe that it is time for the church of WV to come together, united—55 counties strong— to ask God to heal our land. While many of us are already praying for this, we recognize the power of a united church coming together in one place, in one mind and one accord.


A Catalyst:  We pray that this united event in WV will catalyze other states to launch intentionally inclusive, state-wide prayer gatherings.  We believe that this gathering can serve as a strategic part of God’s plan to bring awakening to our state and world.  

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What We Will Do When We Gather

​​The importance of this event is not necessarily the planned activities. This event's importance is the historic nature of the gathering, and the opportunity to stand together as one church before the Lord, asking Him to heal our land.

  • We will have a time of worship that will be representative of different styles and traditions of the church in WV. 

  •  We will have a time of corporate repentance. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  • We will pray over every county of our state.

  • We will pray for God's blessing and ask Him to bring healing to our state.

  • We will pray blessings over each other!



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How You Can Be Involved Now

Prayer Warriors:  We need you to commit to praying for this gathering beginning now!  

  • We need you to pray for the planners and coordinators of this gathering. 

  • We need you to pray against any divisive attack of the enemy that would hinder this gathering.

  • We need you to pray that leading up to this gathering, bridges will be built to all parts of the body of Christ in West Virginia. 

Mobilizers:  We need you to commit to sharing the vision for this gathering and mobilizing people in your county to come to this gathering. 

Everyone: We need you to commit to praying for, spreading the word about, and coming to the gathering!

If you will help mobilize your church, county or region around this prayer gathering, please e-mail us at

© Awaken the Dawn-WV 2018 

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